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Call our bed bug control of Placentia, professionals, today!

Premium Pest Control of La Placentia takes pride in having some of the best bed bug control of Placentia exterminators. Unfortunately, it seems that Placentia bed bugs are on the rise. We aren’t precisely sure why the spike of bed bugs has transpired, but it’s likely caused by more and more people purchasing used possessions from places like Craigslist and unknowingly bringing these bed bugs into their home.

The idea of bed bugs in your home probably will strike fear within you. Unlike harmless pests, bed bugs aren’t a pest that you can just dismiss. These pesky pests feed on you while you are in bed sleeping. They cut your skin with a stylet (a mouth piece). Bed bugs use this stylet to saw through human flesh to locate blood vessels for feeding. They will then feed on you for approximately 5 minutes before going back to its hiding place. The bed bug will at the same time insert saliva into the body of the person in which it is feeding from. This spittle can cause swelling and extreme irritation.

It’s generally hard to detect Placentia bed bugs. Not only are bed bugs most active at night, but they’re also small and very skilled at hiding in not so noticeable areas. You will know if you have bed bugs often from the itching, or from your linens. An additional way to discover bed bugs, besides finding many bug bites, is to see blood or dark spots on your bed linens. If you seem to be having a bed bug problem you shouldn’t even contemplate sleeping in your house.

If you get out of bed with bite marks, or if you noticed a bed bug, or if there is blood or fecal spots on your bedsheets, you ought to call our bed bug control of Placentia experts at 714-702-1966 promptly! Our bed bug control of Placentia experts attend conferences each year and stay current on the latest trends and methods for keeping your family safe!

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